My college life: experience with Videtorrium

My college life: experience with Videtorrium


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Hello Folks!

This is my first blog. A friend of mine suggested I should write my thoughts in terms of blogs or articles. It helps you to have a clear mind. So I purchased my 1st domain and this blog will be hosted in a subdomain

You, folks, might not know but I am in the final year of my college. I am currently with HackerRank and also have a few experiences as fullstack developer in other companies also. Also contributed to Google Summer of Code'21, maybe I will write about my experience in GSoC'21 in some different blogs. In the upcoming few blogs, I will be sharing my interview experience and my journey throughout these companies.

So, today I am gonna talk about my experience with Videtorrium. Can assure you that it won't be boring. Here we go...

It was around mid-January. I was just a confused boy trying to find my interest in different domains sometimes doing web dev, sometimes training ML models. One day I got a connection request on linkedin from the founder of Videtorrium, Saurav K Mitra and I just casually accepted and didn't know he was the founder. It was a very small startup. He messaged me that if I want to join him as he will teach me web development and later I will get to work in his startup and can earn money also. I just casually told him "Nah!! I don't want to join these boot camps where I have to pay and learn" ๐Ÿ˜‚. Still, remember that day. He told me he is not from a BootCamp and I don't have to pay anything, if I am not interested then it's okay but not to assume anything without knowing. Then I just checked his profile and thought I was mostly free and had nothing to do so why not try this? That changed everything.

I told him I was interested and he told me he will be going to organize a short call with a developer from his team to learn about me and my interest. So I gave him the green signal and we arranged a call. I was on the call for like around 1.5 hours with the developer, Akshay. He was very friendly and asked some questions about my interest and hobby and other staff. That time I thought I was good in frontend and told him that now I want to move to backend. So he started asking some very easy questions in css and javascript. And that's when I got the reality check๐Ÿ˜‚, I don't have a deep level of understanding in javascript itself.

So after that interview, I had a talk with Saurav and he explained my current scenario and offer to join as he will teach me and after that, he will include me as an intern. My journey started from very scratch creating a website only using HTML,CSS, JS. That time I got to know about a very interesting youtube tutorial regarding JS Namaste Javascript by Akshay Saini. That was an awesome video series, got to know how everything works and got a clear view about javascript.

So everything was going great, I learned so much that time. 3month already passed and I then join them as an Intern. When I got my first Salary I was so happy. It was 7k that time but it feels like I can buy anything with that money. I met some awesome people there like Subho. He was just in school, and you won't believe how knowledgeable he was. I really admired him. He was also like a mentor to me.

After spending 9-10month I had to say goodbye. As nothing last forever. I thought at that specific moment, I have to gain more knowledge and I have to move forward. I won't forget those countless calls spent with them in google meet, fixing bugs, pushing in prod and playing virtual games, and many more.

Also once I had a chance to meet Saurav in person when he was in Kolkata. Such a humble guy, he was more like a 'vaiya'.

I think that's all for this blog. I hope you folks enjoyed it a lot. I will try my best to entertain you with my writing. This will be my public diary kind of thing where I will share all my thoughts. Will share my next journey with you guys in my next blog. So, stay tuned and we will meet again.

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